Webinar Series

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool that is being used more and more by successful companies to assess the environmental impacts of their processes, products and services from cradle to grave. This series of free webinars will show you how LCA can help you achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

Webinar 1: Life-Cycle Assessment: A Fundamental Tool for Assessing Environmental Performance

20 September 2012

This first webinar in this series outlined LCA methodology and demonstrated how other businesses have already benefitted from LCA. It showed how LCA provides organizations with the comprehensive set of quantified environmental metrics required to assess the full spectrum of environmental impacts of a product or process.

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Webinar 2: LCA Decision-Making Tools

25 October 2012

This second webinar in the series demonstrates an example of our web-based LCA tool's capabilities, in which we develop customized LCA models that enable organizations to investigate scenarios and sensitivities specifically tailored to their needs and interests.

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